Our grassroots partners provide political leadership and root our work in ongoing struggles for housing justice, labor rights, youth empowerment, environmental justice, and more. Their expertise and membership bodies help to guide our process of creating community-led standards and investment plans for our local economy. Visit our Organize page for more information on how to support our grassroots parners.

Email nia_at_ujimaboston.com to learn about becoming a grassroots partner.

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Black Economic Justice Institute is a nonprofit organization that works to advocate and develop programs that address justice and economic opportunity for black and other people of color of Boston.


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Joyce Clark

Community Health Advocate, NAACP New England Area Conference Chair on Climate Change


Ellie Tiglao

Worker Owner Tanam 


Luis Cotto

Program Manager, Mass Cultural Council


Chuck Turner

In Memoriam: Former City of Boston District 7 City Councilor. Served 2018-2020

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Mea Johnson

Director of Community Organizing, Dudley Street Neighborhood Iniative



Bo Opetubo

Bing Broderick

Chrislene DeJean

Edward Galan

Joyce Clark Henry

Kristen Halbert

Jamiah Tappin

Lisa Owens

Louise Baxter

Lyse Fedjanie Barronville

Matthew Parker

Michael E. Thomas 

Myrna Greenfield

Nadav David

Salimata Bangoura

WaWa Bell




Bithiah Carter, President, New England Blacks in Philanthropy

Jed Emerson, Author and Strategic Advisor to Family Offices

Rodney Foxworth, Executive Director, BALLE

Darlene Lombos, Executive Director, Community Labor United (CLU)

Brian Nagendra, Assistant Director, Catalyst Impact Funds at Living Cities

Jessica Norwood, Entrepreneur and RSF Social Finance Fellow

Jocelyn V. Sargent, Executive Strategic Consultant,New Commonwealth Racial Equity & Social Justice Fund

Morgan Simon, Author and Founding Partner, Candide Group

Mark Watson, Managing Director, Boston Impact Initiative

Kat Taylor, Co-Founder, and CEO, Beneficial State Bank

Michael Curry, Esq., Senior Vice President & General Counsel, Government Affairs & Public Policy, Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers