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Fortunately Magazine

Fortunatey Magazine

Fortunately Magazine is a print and online publication that redefines the norms of lifestyle journalism, exploring the intersections of art, culture, and economic democracy. Published by Boston Ujima Project, Fortunately Magazine emerges as a catalyst for conversations around post-capitalist living, providing a platform for voices that challenge the status quo.


Issue 0: The Pro-Testing Print features profiles and interviews with Field Meridians's LinYee Yuan, SAMSØN Projects’s Camilo Alvarez, radical economist Francisco Perez, Resonate Coop's brandon king, the UnBound Bodies Collective and more.

Fortunately Magazine can be found online at

Channel 1: Bliss

channel bliss

We are excited to share our Ujima Day offering for 2023. In celebration of this day, we offer to you a publication we composed with love, Channel 1: Bliss.

In Bliss, we share our daily rituals so that the simple and quotidian can serve as a radical basis for alignment and joy.

Head to this Google form to fill us in on your ideal joy-filled days (and to request a print copy of this publication), and check out this Spotify link to listen to our staff-generated playlist of songs. 

Tomashi Jackson: Brown II

brown ii

With support from Ujima's Ashe Ashe Cultural Assembly Grant, artist Tomashi Jackson organized a community reading and re-release of her publication, Brown II. 


The Brown II Book Club was a 5-month reading group which explored histories of educational advocacy, school desegregation, implications of tech policy and algorithms on civil rights, and much more. Jackson worked directly with Ujima staff to distribute physical copies of the publication around Boston, and offered digital copies for non-local participants. 


Tomashi Jackson's Brown II project explores the history and legacy of school desegregation in the United States, with a special focus on Boston through artwork and a series of interviews with leading scholars in the field. 

Learn more about Arts & Cultural Organizing at Ujima

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