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Investment Pipeline

Businesses We Love

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Join the UGBA

The Ujima Good Business Alliance is open for membership.

Ujima Good Business Alliance is committed to advancing social and economic justice through the private sector. When you join the Ujima Good Business Alliance, we help you build sustainable business practices that align with your values, and access the resources you need to grow. 

During Ujima’s Neighborhood and Citywide Assemblies, residents collectively generate lists of local Businesses We Love (BWL) based on which businesses meet community values as well as provide satisfactory goods and services. Ratified lists, which were approved by Ujima members, make up our investment plans. Below, you'll find our full investment plan of businesses, numbering over 180, who are eligible to join the Ujima Good Business Alliance.

How to use: To start exploring businesses, use the filters available on the page. The filters can help you find new businesses, see where businesses are in Ujima's investment pipeline, or search by the year a business was added to our investment plan. By combining filters, you can get more specific information, such as restaurants that were added in 2022 and are located in Dorchester. You can review the PDF version here.

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