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Ujima Good Business Alliance

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Join the UGBA

The Ujima Good Business Alliance is open for membership.

Ujima Good Business Alliance is committed to advancing social and economic justice through the private sector. When you join the Ujima Good Business Alliance, we help you build sustainable business practices that align with your values, and access the resources you need to grow. 

Get access to the best resources.

As a member of the Ujima Good Business Alliance, your company will receive access to a wealth of resources, including networking opportunities, marketing support, and professional development courses.

Access to investment from the Ujima Fund.

Ujima Procurement Initiative

Forward-thinking community of business peers

Professional Development

Creative organizing and marketing support

Technical Assistance

How to Join


Are you a Business We Love?

Membership in the UGBA begins with being named a Business We Love by community members. We have over 180 businesses (and counting!) in our investment plans. 


Find your business on our investment plan below:


Apply to Join

If you are a business we love, request an application online.


After your application is submitted, our Community Standards Committee will review each application to make sure businesses meet our Standards.


Not a Business We Love yet?

Not yet named by community members as a Business We Love? No problem!

Name yourself, and other businesses you love, through our B2B Love Form

Questions, comments or feedback? Email us.

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