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Imagination is an essential piece of our effort to build the new world. Culture workers are economy builders. With that understanding we strive to provide artists with a space to organize and advocate on behalf of themselves and their neighbors.

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Divest / Reinvest

​"Reinvestment presents an opportunity to resist the extractivism, racism, and militarism that dominate our economy and to rebuild towards a vision of collective well-being, led by communities who have been the most oppressed under the current system."


Grassroots Partner Campaigns

​Our partners provide political leadership and ground our work in ongoing struggles for housing justice, labor rights, youth empowerment, environmental justice, and more.


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Boston Ujima Project is currently in a process of crafting it's endorsement policy to align with our commitment to being member-led. ​In the mean time, we're happy to support campaigns by spreading the word via our newsletter and social media. We'll update this section when we have finalized a process.

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