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We hold member meetings that are open to the public, dedicated to financial and political education, and our member working groups. Watch all past events on our Youtube.


Every week on Wednesday, starting at 6:00PM EST.

Note: In honor and celebration of Juneteenth and Black Music month, June workshops are specifically for our Black and Afro-diasporic members. If you do not identify as Black or Afro-diasporic, we kindly ask that you respect this space and refrain from attending. We encourage you to sign up for our July workshops, which are open to everyone!

Member Teams

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Community Events

Our events page is updated once a month, along with the #EventEdition of the Ujima Newsletter on the first Thursday of the month.

If you have an event that you'd like to add to Ujima's calendar, please send us the information to add to the calendar via this form

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