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Designing the City We Need

Nomination Process

How to submit

Have a business in mind that aligns with our identified needs categories? We want to hear from you! Your nomination can make a significant impact on shaping the future of our local communities.  Nominate businesses that align with our identified needs categories by filling out the form provided below. Each submission allows for up to three businesses. ​ The nomination period starts on August 8th and will be open for two weeks, giving you ample time to share your recommendations. Use the button below to nominate your business.

Top Needs

  • Community Land Trust

  • Community Owned Energy

  • Urban Farms

  • Affordable Childcare

  • Community Event and Gathering Spot

  • Community Owned Internet

  • Youth Space

  • Black Market-Type Store/Space

  • Wellness Space

  • Arts Space

  • Sit-Down Restaurants

  • Supermarket (Local/Organic)

  • Ethical Check Cashing

  • Coffee Shop

  • Bookstore

About the Open Call

We invite you to participate by nominating businesses that align with our identified needs categories. The call for nominations will be open for two weeks. Our voting delegates will carefully review all nominated businesses and assess their alignment with our community's needs. Delegates will then ratify the businesses that best fulfill our criteria into an investment plan.


Open Call

You are here!

Review by Ujima Voting Delegation

Members will review all nominated businesses.

Ratification by Delegation

Members will approve businesses and create investment plan.

Businesses join Investment plan

Approved businesses are added to Ujima's investment plans and are eligible to join the UGBA.


  • Plan & Govern
    Attend our Weekly Meetings Online Join a Member Team Join as a Grassroots Partner
  • Attend
    Check out all upcoming events in our calendar Neighborhood & Citywide Assemblies Workshops #BlackTrust: Ujima's Chuck Turner Arts & Lecture Series Parties/ Arts & Cultural Events COVID-19 UPDATE: We have temporarily transformed Ujima's ATTEND page into ATTEND/COVID-19 where we have highlighted a few informational and material resources in the FEATURED RESOURCES section at the top of the page.
  • Finance
    Invest in the Ujima Capital Fund Support Ujima Project Infrastructure Join the Ujima Timebank
  • Organize
    Support the Ujima Business Alliance Support Grassroots Partners' Campaigns Help Create & Participate in Consumer Activist Campaigns
  • Study
    Check out our "Study" page Come to #UjimaWednesday Workshops Learn from past Ujima Lectures
  • Collaborate
    Partner with us
  • Arts & Culture
    Join the Arts & Cultural Organizing team, which meets every 1st Wednesday 7:15pm Tell our own stories: Please email if you're interested in any of these storytelling opportunities.
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