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Comfort Kitchen joins Ujima Good Business Alliance

Comfort Kitchen’s mission is to celebrate the flavors and ingredients of the African diaspora, Asia, and the local food community, or as they describe it, global comfort food. "[We create] cultural exchange through food. Our three Cs: collaboration, community building, and cross-cultural understanding are our guiding principles," said co-owner Biplaw Rai.

Comfort Kitchen, founded by managing partner Biplaw Rai and chef Kwasi Kwaa, has been an eagerly awaited addition to their Upham's Corner neighborhood.

We at Ujima are excited by their acceptance of our invitation to join the UGBA and share their enthusiasm around exceptional food and business practices. Joining the Alliance is a rigorous process that involves compliance with our 36 Good Business Standards.

We see Comfort Kitchen do exceptionally well in the areas of:

  • Good Local Jobs, meaning they hire and support queer, trans, women, and all communities of color, as well as pay above minimum wage, among other great practices

  • Environment, meaning they are committing to learning about recycling, energy efficiency, composting, and waste reduction practices.

  • Worker Power, meaning they promote voting and civic engagement among workers and have a commitment to learning about employee governance and the benefits of workplace democracy

On the occasion of joining the UGBA, co-owner Biplaw Rai said, "Our team at Comfort Kitchen shares a lot of the same values as Ujima. When I first learned about Ujima’s Good Business Standards, I thought of how many problems they would address if more businesses implemented them. [...] We were already thinking about the issues that the standards touch, so it was a very natural progression for us to be in stronger association with them."

Join us in welcoming Comfort Kitchen to the UGBA!


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