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News and updates from around the Ujima Ecosystem.

Eastie Farm joins the Ujima Good Business Alliance

February 1st, 2023 -- Eastie Farm was invited to join the Ujima Good Business Alliance, which consists of an interview process that verifies that local organizations are operationalizing social justice through our minimum 36 Good Business Standards.

Eastie Farm is a grassroots effort to foster spaces for growing food, building community, and caring for our natural world. They began by transforming an overgrown, abandoned lot on Sumner Street into a thriving urban oasis. It’s now a place where people relax, enjoy nature, grow food together, share a meal together, make music, pick up their CSA, or attend a comedy event. The farm now owns two sites (one of which has a first-of-its-kind geo-thermally powered greenhouse), operate five others, offer experiential and informal environmental education programs for school children, train teenagers for green jobs, and bring local fresh food to neighbors of all economic levels.

We’re also excited to welcome Eastie Farm to the Alliance, here are some of their exemplary business practices:

  • 100% of employees are paid the state minimum wage

  • Commitment to learning about Open Book Accounting and the benefits of transparent business practices

  • Promotes worker voting and civic engagement

  • Prioritizes BIPOC, socially-disadvantaged, and values-aligned vendors (e.g., farms that are BIPOC-owned, use permaculture practices, pair fair wages, etc.)

  • Committed to creating a green jobs pathway to youth

Join us in welcoming them to the Ujima Good Business Alliance! Look out for more information in our next Ujima Fund Investor Update.


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