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Nos Casa Cafe Joins Ujima’s Good Business Alliance

August 11th, 2022 -- The family-owned and operated Nos Casa Cafe has been a fixture in the Roxbury community. Since 2010, Ana Maria and Joshua Filadgo, the mother and son duo, have been serving delicious Cape Verdean cuisine to the neighborhood, supported by an all-woman team.

“Ana aims to give back to the community by opening a restaurant that would offer employment to empowered women in the community as well as serve its customers with a traditional Cape Verdean Cuisine,” reads their website.

In July 2022, our Community Standards Committee joyously extended an invitation to the restaurant to join the UGBA, which they graciously accepted.

Ana Maria and Joshua Fidalgo. Image courtesy of Nos Casa Cafe and Boston Globe.

The Community Standards Committee was excited by their outstanding business practices, and commitment to community power, including:

  • Community Ownership

  • CORI-friendly hiring processes

  • Sanctuary policies, meaning they have pledged to protect immigrant employees

  • Good local jobs, meaning they have at least 33% women on staff, among other standards

CSC Member Luis Cotto says,”This is why we do it. They were nominated by people in the community. There’s a reason for that. It’s family owned, going back, with the rare opportunity to [purchase] property for the future. In certain instances, the standards weren’t even a question for them. They just do it [naturally].”

Join us in welcoming Nos Casa Cafe to the UGBA!


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