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Shanti Indian Cuisine Joins UGBA

Please join us in welcoming Shanti Indian Cuisine to the Ujima Good Business Alliance!

Shanti Indian Cuisine, derived from the Sanskrit word for 'peace,' aims to provide guests with a tranquil dining experience through its ambiance and its cuisine. Beyond traditional Indian dishes, Shanti offers a taste of Bangladeshi-style cooking known as Bhuna. Founded by owner Solmon Chowdhury in Dorchester, Massachusetts in 1999, Shanti has since expanded (in collaboration with Solmon’s wife and business co-owner Rokeya Chowdhury) to locations in Roslindale (2013) and Cambridge (2016). Recognized as 'Boston's Best' Indian cuisine by various publications, including Improper Bostonian and Boston Magazine, Shanti prides itself on offering a diverse menu with ample vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. Our Communications Team caught up with Shanti via email to get a glimpse of what they’re all about, from their perspective. 


How would you describe Shanti’s atmosphere and purpose?

Shanti: Shanti provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere that fosters neighborly connections. Our purpose is to provide a place where folks can enjoy delicious meals while promoting a sense of community and support for local enterprises. 

How do you approach building a food-service business with community in mind?

Shanti: We focus on sourcing locally, menu customization based on community preferences, and interacting with customers. By listening to feedback, participating in community events, and fostering connections, we aim to build a food-service business that enriches and integrates seamlessly with the local community.

What drew you to Ujima’s Good Business Alliance (UGBA)?

Shanti: Our ethics and UGBA's dedication to socially and environmentally responsible business practices drew us in and encouraged us to participate in efforts to improve the local economy and business community.

Which UGBA standards are you most proud to highlight that are a part of your business practices?

Shanti We are very proud to support the UGBA standard of "Empowerment through Collaboration." Our commitment to work together, both within our team and with the community, highlights our intention of creating an environment that is welcoming. This concept is built into our company procedures, building a sense of empowerment that extends beyond our establishment's walls.

What dish(es) should Ujima members try when they come to visit one of your restaurants in Dorchester or Roslindale?

Shanti: For a great experience at Shanti, Ujima members must try our signature Chicken Tikka Masala, an excellent combination of spices, and Chicken Malai Kabab. Additionally, our Lamb Biryani provides a delicious journey of aromatic rice and tender meat. We also provide multiple alternatives for vegetarians. 


Learn more about Shanti Indian Cuisine here, and check out their instagram. Peruse our latest Investor Report to learn more about the UGBA, and to read further updates from our business ecosystem.. 


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