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Sydney Janey Design Joins UGBA

Please join us in welcoming Sydney Janey Design to the Ujima Good Business Alliance!

Sydney Janey Design is a boutique design agency owned by Sydney Janey (the founder, creative principal, and strategic director) and has a unique voice that speaks to the world that we live in, prioritizing fresh and clean visual communication. A graduate from both the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and Massachusetts College of Art & Design, Sydney is a passionate maker (in all things related to paper) and a neighborhood shaker, engaged in volunteer work and service alongside a multitude of civic organizations and nonprofits.

We interviewed founder, creative principal, and strategic director Sydney Janey about her acceptance to the UGBA.


What drew you to Ujima’s Good Business Alliance (UGBA)?

Sydney Janey: I’ve been a big believer in Ujima since the beginning. I was a founding member of the Alliance and I appreciate the power of collective and cooperative economies to help communities sustain and grow themselves. 

How do you bring Boston communities into your design and communications work?

Sydney Janey: Roxbury and Boston have always been cornerstones to my work. From volunteering with Youth Design to help more young Bostonians of Color enter creative economies, to teaching Design at Emerson College, and helping to produce workforce development programs, Boston remains at the center. I also work with many small businesses and non-profit organizations in the community – I want to foster a better-communicated world all around us. 

How do you see the UGBA contributing to your ability to keep thriving as a Black female-owned design firm?

Sydney Janey: I would love to work within UGBA to reach more businesses and institutions that hold unique perspectives, so that we can build on our shared history while looking to our future as a community. Visually communicating what is to come will be very important. 

What’s next for Sydney Janey Design? 

Sydney Janey: We are more than just great design work. Our strategy and creative process will be in full implementation; and we will have something to announce soon!


Learn more about Sydney Janey Design here, and check out their instagram. Peruse our latest Investor Report to learn more about the UGBA, and to read further updates from our business ecosystem. 


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