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News and updates from around the Ujima Ecosystem.

The Pearl joins the Ujima Good Business Alliance

February 1st, 2023 -- The Pearl was invited to join the Ujima Good Business Alliance, which consists of an interview process that verifies that local organizations are operationalizing social justice through our minimum 36 Good Business Standards.

The Pearl at South Bay, is a contemporary seafood grill and raw bar on District Avenue at South Bay. The Pearl is committed to a high quality culinary experience and serves handmade cocktails from a patio-accessible bar. District Avenue is a one-minute walk from the Newmarket T station and a two-minute bus ride from Andrew. Owned and operated by Roxbury natives, hiring local, buying local, and serving local is baked into their DNA.

We’re also excited to welcome The Pearl to the Alliance, here are some of their exemplary business practices:

  • No staff is paid more than 5 times the lowest paid employee

  • Commitment to learning about Employee Ownership and different options available

  • Outreach to CORI-friendly training facilities

  • Offers local, sustainable products, and hires from within their community

Join us in welcoming them to the Ujima Good Business Alliance! Look out for more information in our next Ujima Fund Investor Update.


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