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News and updates from around the Ujima Ecosystem.

Ujima Members Vote to Invest $200,000 in Jazz Urbane Cafe

Boston Ujima Project is pleased to announce that we have successfully reached quorum on the 2022 Jazz Urbane Cafe Investment Vote. Over the past two weeks, 157 members voted affirmatively to invest $200,000 in Jazz Urbane Cafe over 6 years. Read more in the ballot results breakdown.

When asked why they wanted to invest in Jazz Urbane, voters had a myriad of reasons to support it; from desires for a sit-down restaurant in Nubian Square and product-market fit to valuing support for the arts and trusting the partners involved in the restaurant. Voters said:

“It would be amazing to have a jazz spot in the community, run by people from the community. I could walk there from my home!”

“Kerry’s comment on product-market fit stuck with me, but I recognize that I don’t know the market, as well as other community members, may. I defer to and support the majority.”

“There is a need for a club like that in Nubian Square. Having listened to their presentation, I believe it would be a good investment for Ujima to make.”

“Jazz? Yes. Jazz in Roxbury. Yes, yes."

Additionally, when asked how they would support Jazz Urbane, beyond investment, voters committed to:

→ Dining at the restaurant (85%)

→ Spreading the word (82%)

→ Attending Jazz Urbane events (78%)


In February 2022, after being named as a start-up loved by members, Jazz Urbane Cafe joined Ujima’s Good Business Alliance, a network of community-based businesses that are eligible for investment from the Ujima Fund.

In addition to the funding provided by the Ujima Fund, Jazz Urbane Cafe will also enjoy technical assistance, business development, and marketing support as part of its acceptance into Ujima’s Good Business Alliance.


About the Ujima Good Business Alliance

Ujima Good Business Alliance is committed to advancing social and economic justice through the private sector. Ujima Good Business Alliance (UGBA) is a local business association sponsored by the Boston Ujima Project for community-oriented companies within its network.

Members of the UGBA are business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs who are committed to advancing social and economic justice through the private sector. Ujima Businesses align their corporate practices with their values by creating good jobs, sharing ownership and wealth, meeting local needs, and generating community benefits. Business Alliance Members find strength in unity, and value cooperation over competition to achieve shared success.


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