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News and updates from around the Ujima Ecosystem.

Ujima Welcomes New Members to Translocal Membership Program: We Are The Ones, Center for Transforming Communities, and GrowHouse NYC

June 13, 2024 — We are excited to announce the addition of three new organizations to the Ujima Translocal Membership Program: We Are The Ones, Center for Transforming Communities, and GrowHouse NYC! These new members will enhance efforts to drive economic democracy infrastructures around the U.S.

About the Ujima Translocal Membership Program

The Ujima Translocal Membership Program is an action-oriented initiative designed to support like-minded organizations across the country in their efforts to build sustainable, community-driven economic models. Membership in this program is by invitation only.

Our program is built around five key components:

  1. Quarterly Office Hours: Regular sessions for sharing insights, strategies, and support among members.

  2. Joint Fundraising: Collaborative efforts to secure funding for collective and individual initiatives.

  3. Private Organizational 1-on-1 Support: Tailored assistance to address specific organizational needs.

  4. Whole Team Check-ins: Comprehensive meetings to ensure alignment and address any emerging challenges.

  5. Ecosystems Exchanges: Opportunities for members to learn from each other’s experiences and best practices.

Meet Our New Members

We Are The Ones - Houston, TX

We Are The Ones aims to develop repeatable and scalable instances of community resilience through community wealth building in Black communities. Their vision includes creating a solidarity economy based on reciprocity and collective interest, achieved through Policy Development and Advocacy, Cooperative Enterprise Development, and Community Based Participatory Outcomes Measurement.

Center for Transforming Communities - Memphis, TN

Center for Transforming Communities (CTC) provides cultural programming and community organizing to build the health, wealth and leadership pipelines of black and brown neighborhoods across Memphis, TN. They build neighborhood democracies through shared decision-making practices that support the resiliency of the neighborhoods in which CTC serves, including Binghampton, Medical District, Orange Mound, North Memphis, South Memphis and Whitehaven.

GrowHouse Design + Development Group - Brooklyn, NY

GrowHouse Design + Development Group is a community design and development cooperative based in Central Brooklyn that envisions sovereign, connected, and thriving Black communities. To make this vision a reality, they help communities to cooperatively organize, design, finance, purchase, occupy and steward real estate, cultural institutions and production, and other forms of wealth.


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