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Voting Members Approve $300K Investment in Kidogo Productions

May 7, 2024 — We are thrilled to announce that Voting Members have approved a $300,000 investment in Kidogo Productions, an early-stage start-up digital media company specializing in curating diverse, wholesome and accessible content for children ages 2-5. In just 3 weeks, members overwhelmingly decided to support an investment in the Kidogo. Read more in the ballot results breakdown.

Increased Quorum

The investment ballot for Kidogo Productions marks our inaugural vote of the year, and our first with a 60% quorum. Earlier this year, we announced our decision to increase quorum from 51% to 60%. This increase mirrors the growing participation trend, ensuring we authentically reflect the investment interests of Voting Members.

Ballot Results

Out of a total of 215 eligible voters, 137 members participated in the ballot. This translates to a new record, with a turnout of approximately 63.72%. Of those voters, 84.8% voted to approve the investment in the digital media company.

Voter Responses

When asked about their motivations for investing in the company, one voter, Mariama, noted, "I think this is a good diversifying of the kind of businesses we are investing in. While brick and mortar businesses are important, I think we need to also venture more deeply into the digital space. It is already such a major part of people's lives and especially younger people."

Sara, another voter said, "As a Black mama, I am always looking for good educational resources for my 7-year-old daughter, which will affirm who she is and help her learn, in a way that is fun and makes her proud. I'm so happy that Kidogo is already doing this for younger children, and am excited to know that they will be expanding to older children soon! And knowing that they have an internationalist perspective is really aligned for me as well. "

Supporting Beyond Investment

When asked how they would support beyond investment, voters made commitments such as spreading awareness about Kidogo (48.6%), purchasing a subscription to Kidogo (13.9%), and attending events hosted by Kidogo (25%).

Voters by Neighborhood

To better understand the distribution of votes across various neighborhoods and the representation of different racial categories within those neighborhoods, we've included charts and data in our ballot results breakdown. The top four neighborhoods by votes were Dorchester, Roxbury, Jamaica Plain, and areas outside of Boston Proper.


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