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ICYMI: Shantel Miller Concludes "Shantel's World," an Exploration of Her Artistic Practice

May 17, 2023 -- Stunning visual artist and Ujima Arts & Cultural Organizing Fellow, Shantel Miller wrapped up her Shantel's World workshop series facilitated through Ujima's arts and culture micro-learning pod.

As part of Shantel's Arts and Cultural Organizing Fellowship with Ujima, she took workshop participants on an artistic journey unearthing her own creative process, inspirations, techniques, and influences.

Under her expert facilitation, Shantel asked participants to meditate on the role of beauty in their lives, their relationship to color, and what insights lie in artistic expression. Students, artists, residents, and youth joined from all walks of life to co-create and reflect on these questions and more.

Here's a quick recap of each session, in case you missed it!

First Workshop - March 1st

In the first workshop, Shantel walks through her creative process, from ideation, conception, material processes, to her influences, and developing a visual language. She breaks down the role of symbolism, realism, color exploration, portraiture, figurative painting, and abstraction in her visual works. Themes like interiority, the body as a site for liberation, kinship, and identity are explored with participants.

Second Workshop - April 5th, 2023

In this workshop, Shantel and participants explore art as a tool of communication. She leads the group through a discussion around the role of symbolism and realism, followed by a guided art-making activity where participants are invited to share their creation.

Third Workshop - May 3rd, 2023

In this final workshop, Shantel focuses on "The Art of Interpretation" and translating text to Images and image to text through a brief lecture followed by an interactive group activity. Participants share final reflections.

Check out the full Shantel's World playlist on our Youtube Channel here

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