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News and updates from around the Ujima Ecosystem.

Jazz Urbane Cafe Joins UGBA

In Fall 2022, Nubian Square will welcome the Jazz Urbane Cafe, a vibrant new venue blending performing arts and local cuisine in celebration of Boston’s musical history – past, present, and future.

The business will be taking over 7,800 square feet on the first floor of the Bolling Building. As its own venue, Jazz Urbane Café will host live performances from local and internationally known artists, not just limited to musicians but also theater companies, dance groups, and more. Its dining options will span affordable to high-end meals, featuring dine-in, take out, and catering options.

“Jazz Urbane Café is designed to bring neighbors together and celebrate through the shared love of food, art, and community in a warm and inviting venue,” Berklee professor and record label owner Bill Banfield said in 2019.

This week, Jazz Urbane Cafe accepted our invitation to join the Ujima Good Business Alliance, a rigorous process that involves compliance with our 36 Good Business Standards, for its first year. We share Jazz Urbane’s excitement and satisfaction with its exceptional business practices.

Some highlights include:

  • Community Ownership

  • Civic Engagement

Jazz Urbane further pledges the following community benefits:

  • Ensuring investor diversity.

  • Providing sustainable jobs and empowering employee participation.

  • Fairly compensating and supporting working artists.

  • Operational transparency.

  • Partnering with local suppliers.

  • Creating new cultural projects that reflect our diverse community.

  • Providing space and programming for local organizations.

  • Providing free public content (as with Nubian Nights) and community discounts to ensure equitable access to and participation in Cafe programming

Join us in welcoming Jazz Urbane Cafe to the Ujima Good Business Alliance! Look out for more information in our next Ujima Fund Investor Update.


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