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News and updates from around the Ujima Ecosystem.

Voting for Ujima’s October Assembly kicks off this week.

October 6th, 2022 -- From now until the end of October 2022, Ujima voting members have the opportunity to ratify a proposed structure for the Ujima People’s Board — our very first board of directors.

We see the establishment of a board as a vital step in Ujima's independence and long term sustainability. The mission of the Ujima People’s Board will be to empower Ujima’s leadership, support democratic member-run decision-making, and sustain Ujima’s resources in order to return wealth to working class communities of color in Boston. For more than two years, a team of dedicated volunteers have worked together to envision a board of directors that aligns with the work of Ujima and our ecosystem. In a recent memo presentation, Jax Gil and Sheila Moussavi, two members of this working group, reviewed a proposal for board officers, values, committees, and term lengths and fielded questions from our community.

Solidarity members have a role to play in helping us reach a voting quorum, which is 50% of voting members plus one, in order to ratify this vote.

Join us for Assembly events across the month of October around ‘participatory governance.’ We believe that democracy requires participation, imagination and creativity. Participatory governance, where community members lead public decision-making, is the heart of Ujima's ecosystem. Governed by a growing body of 400+ voting members, who are Boston residents based in Boston’s working class communities of color, we wouldn't be where we are today without our peers, neighbors, and supporters. Learn more about our October Assembly and events here.


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