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News and updates from around the Ujima Ecosystem.

Ujima Launches Member Fund Management Committee

Boston, MA — February 20, 2024 — How does one envision Ujima's 400-plus voting membership operating akin to a group of Fund Managers? What does it look like for Ujima Voting Members to move as Fund Managers? 

Traditionally, the responsibilities of a Fund Manager include due diligence and investment analysis, decision-making, portfolio management, risk assessment, and the exploration of potential portfolio opportunities. With each investment list ratification, with each investment plan, with each investment vote, we are able to consider each Ujima Voting Member as a Fund Manager. 

The Ujima Fund can consider itself governed by the collective strength of over 400 types of expertise, over 400 unique perspectives, and over 400 lived experiences. In a strategic move to support these efforts, the Ujima Fund Management Team has formalized a dedicated Member Fund Management Committee. This committee joins a suite of member-led programming initiatives— including the Community Standards Committee, Voting Delegates, and Member Teams— aimed at deepening community control and participation within our communities.

Effective immediately, three dedicated member representatives will serve as designated respondents at our pre-recorded Live Investment Q&A’s, offering their expertise, insights, and perspectives on investment opportunities and our communities’ priorities. These members were chosen for their thoughtful, robust and critical engagement across past votes and due diligence processes. As frontline ambassadors of our collective vision, they embody the spirit of community-driven investment and engagement.

Join us in welcoming Ruby, Mabel, and Ellington, our new Member Fund Management Committee members!


If you are interested in being on our Member Fund Management Committee, reach out to us via email at


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