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Ujima Welcomes New Editorial Manager: Alula Hunsen

November 6th, 2023 -- This month, Ujima welcomed a new staff member, Alula Hunsen, who joined as our first Editorial Manager.

Alula Hunsen is an essayist, researcher, and editor. His specific intrigues lie in Black cultural production, planning creative spaces, and alternative economies that support self-determination; raised in Cleveland, OH, he's fallen in love with his second home in the metro Boston area over the past six years. From trends to transit, music to mosaics, and whatever else may irk his ire or hold his heart, he's excited to bring his care for voices and attention to detail to bear in his work with us.

In his role as Editorial Manager, Alula will help expand Ujima's communications portfolio, working closely with both culture writers and researchers on a range of projects, amplifying representation through storytelling.



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