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Voting Members approve $265,000 Equity Investment in Bay State Banner

We are thrilled to share that the 2023 Bay State Banner Ballot has been a resounding success after reaching quorum in two weeks. During that time, Ujima Voting Members overwhelmingly decided to support a $265,000 equity investment in the Banner. Read more in the ballot results breakdown.

Embracing Democracy in Summertime

The Bay State Banner Ballot was a groundbreaking ballot in more ways than one. It marked our first summertime investment vote, a season often associated with vacations and relaxation. Despite this, voting members displayed incredible dedication and participation. Out of a total of 238 eligible voters, an impressive 139 members actively took part in the ballot, resulting in a remarkable turnout of approximately 59.3%.

Ballot Results

The numbers reflect an engaged community. An overwhelming 87% of voters chose to approve the investment, demonstrating their unwavering support for the Bay State Banner. While the majority enthusiastically supported the investment, it's important to note that some members chose to voice their concerns or abstain.

Although this isn't our highest number of abstentions in an investment vote, this diversity of opinions is a testament to the vitality of the democratic process.

Voter Responses

When asked why they wanted to invest in the companies, voters had a myriad of reasons to support it. Alma, a voter, noted that, "Bay State Banner is a community institution that provides in-depth coverage on issues that impact communities of color beyond any other weeklies in the Boston area."

Darris, another voter, highlighted the investment as an opportunity to expand the Banner's reach and impact by partnering with the community. He said, "This investment provides community with the opportunity to actively support the business staying true to its legacy and also moving it into an expansive future that includes a wider audience of viewership and potential partnerships while elevating the stories of community."

Supporting Beyond Investment

Members didn't stop at voting for the investment; they also committed to supporting the Bay State Banner in other ways. A significant portion pledged to spread the word about the Banner (25.5%), while an even larger group expressed their intent to read the newspaper regularly (40.9%). Additionally, many members committed to attending events hosted by the Bay State Banner (29.3%).

Neighborhood Insights

To better understand the distribution of votes across various neighborhoods and the representation of different racial categories within those neighborhoods, we've included charts and data in our ballot results breakdown. The top four neighborhoods by votes were Dorchester, Roxbury, Jamaica Plain, and areas outside of Boston Proper.


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